Traditionally Handcrafted Aluminium Car Bodies created in New Zealand

Tansley Panels specializes in making hand beaten aluminium car bodies for reproduction cars or to replace bodies of original classics. Body shells and the associated internal paneling/structures are made to order. Chassis manufacturing can be done in association with bodies and turn key reproductions have also been successfully completed in conjunction with other local companies. Tansley Panels is open to forming new business relationships with complimentary companies.

Completed projects to date can be seen in the photo gallery and you can read about them in the Articles page. They include a Ferrari Dino 206SP, Jaguar C-types, Chaparral 1, and others. Currently under construction - a Group C style car and Cobra 289.

The exact bodies are recreated by using photos, factory drawings and various information from original cars. However the Group C body has been built by scaling up from an 1/8 scale model. The first step in making a body is to make a precise wooden buck (pattern). A qualified craftsman then uses traditional metal shaping techniques and the English wheel to meticulously produce each individual panel. These hand beaten pieces are fitted to the buck then butt welded together using Oxy Acetylene to produce the complete body shell.

Contact us if you require an aluminium body for your project. The cost and the time required to complete each job depends on the information provided and complexity of the shape.

In addition to car bodies three dimensional metal signs and logos are being created - please see the SIGNZ in Metal page.